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About the film


It’s the heart of the 1960s and in a San Francisco firehouse, an eccentric and brilliant man named Howard Luck Gossage founded an advertising agency.

Before his untimely death at the age of 51 in 1969, Gossage had managed to save the Grand Canyon from being flooded for profit, helped estblish Friends of the Earth, discovered Marshal McLuhan – an obscure Canadian academic who thought up the Internet – and inadvertently caused the military invasion of a small Caribbean island.

His thinking was 50 years ahead of it’s time and we all have something to learn: from his thoughts on the consumer society vs sustainability; how to enjoy saving the earth & the problems of an interconnected Facebook world. The documentary will provide answers to these questions, whilst providing a fascinating insight into one of the most iconic, forgotten influencers of the 20th century.

As Howard’s daughter Sarah said: “He ignored limitations and made those around him do the same,” we’d like you to help us follow that advice, to make this documentary a reality.